Obviously, we need coaches who are willing to lead teams, but we also need coaches who are willing to support those coaches.  Leading a JDL team can be a lot of work, and assistant coaches are so appreciated by both lead coaches and students.  The more coaching staff available to a team, the better.  If you have debate training, consider spending some time helping out a program that already exists!

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Whether it is a practice round during the week, or a few rounds at an official tournament, we need people who are willing to watch debates and give feedback to the debaters.  For many styles and levels of debate, you do not need any training to be able to do this.  Contact us to find out the next JDL debate that needs a judge in your area!

Judge Debate Rounds

JDL teams always appreciate more support.  The more support and involvement from our surrounding communities, the better!  We have three primary needs from people willing to volunteer their time:


For those who have some specific skill or knowledge that would be useful to debaters or incarcerated people, please consider guest lecturing for a JDL team!  Whether you have expertise in public speaking, public policy, philosophy, logic, mental health, international relations, or anything else that you think may be useful – let us connect you to a JDL coach in your area.  We love for our students to meet and feel supported by new people.  Consider taking an hour to come share your expertise!


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