Equal Value of Every Voice 

We firmly believe in the equal value of every person. There is no element of who a person is, what they have done, or where they currently reside that makes their voice less worthy of being heard.

Holistic Growth 

JDL seeks to not only develop students as debaters, but also seeks to help team members grow in any way we can according to our skills and their needs.  

Debate for the Future 

We recognize that the greatest benefit of debate for some students will come from the opportunities that they are experiencing as a part of JDL today.  However, many will reap the benefits of these skills for a lifetime.  We seek to prepare our students not only to succeed competitively now, but also to be able to advocate for themselves in the future. Whenever possible, we will seek to connect them to opportunities for higher education, and to equip them for a future where they can realize their full potential.  

Respect of Privacy 

We embrace the importance of the right to privacy for our debaters.  We will never require our debaters to share about any part of their life story, and we will expect that our competitors show the same respect.