Prison-to-School Pipeline

The Justice Debate League strives to benefit our students to the greatest extent possible.  We recognize that for many of our debaters, participation on our teams opens up the possibility of higher education.  We work with students individually to connect them to colleges and college debate teams whenever possible.

But this is not enough.

We want to build relationships between prisons and institutions of higher education.  We dream of creating a fluid norm of incarcerated people being able to connect to and apply for college programs so that, upon their release, they can matriculate at their chosen school.  

This is not just for debaters. We want every incarcerated person to benefit from the option of higher education after their release.

Schools Taking Stands

Thank you to Governors State and NEIU who both refuse to ask about criminal records on their applications.

Thank you to Wheaton College for their full-ride scholarships for ex-offenders!

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The Illinois Coalition for Higher Education in Prison (IL-CHEP) is working to make opportunities for post-secondary education available to as many incarcerated persons in Illinois as possible.  Check out what they're doing!

There are lots of ways that schools can help build this pipeline.  If you want your school to be involved in this effort - contact us!

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