Web Development

As our project is getting off the ground, we are eager to represent it in a way that is on par with the excellence of our program.  If you have ideas or suggestions about how to further develop our web presence – on this site or otherwise – we would love to hear from you. 

Nonprofit Development

Similar to web development, we are always striving to improve JDL.  If you can offer any assistance, we appreciate hearing from people who have started nonprofits in the past.


This will likely always be a need of the Justice Debate League.  We want to grow to impact as many lives as possible, and that will require more money to cover staffing and tournament fees.  If you are willing to help JDL find new sources of revenue, or connect to a new donor base, please let us know!  We are eager to hear from you.

If you are willing to offer your expertise in any of these areas, please outline briefly how you would like to help.

Other Needs

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