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What gift do you want to give the Justice Debate League?

$3             Snacks for a Team Practice


$11           Allows a coach to print the resources and research that are otherwise                              unavailable to debaters for a practice


$15           Prints pictures of debaters from a tournament – most people leave prison                          without a single picture of themselves while they were serving their time


$25           One Hour of Coaching for a Team


$60           Allows a team to eat breakfast on the way to the tournament rather than in the                  correctional facility – any opportunity to eat not-prison food is a coveted                          opportunity


$100         Covers a Team’s Entry Fees to a Tournament


$250         Sends a team to tournament – covers entry fees, transportation costs, lunch for                  the team, and the provision of judges for all debate rounds


$1,250       Starts a new team!


$3,750       One Year of Coaching for a Team in an Adult Facility


$5,600       One Year of Coaching for a Team in a Youth Facility


$20,000      Become a Team Sponsor

The Justice Debate League is designated as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. All donations are tax-deductible.  Thank you for your support!

Donations can be made directly to:

Justice Debate League

1510 Cadet Court

Wheaton, IL 60189

or via paypal:


If you are a debate team or coach that has resources that you are willing to share with a team or a JDL coach – THANK YOU!  Any resources that we can receive from the debate community saves us and our coaches time, money and brainpower.  The less prep work a coach has to do, the more she can pour into her students.

Additionally, if you know of a scholarship or a grant that JDL, or a JDL coach or student, would be eligible for – please send us that information!


Much like debate resources, though perhaps even more so, any research that is donated to JDL saves our coaches time and significant effort.  If you are willing to give briefs or case files, we appreciate this deeply! 

Contact us with grants/scholarship info, and inquiries or offers for resources and research.

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